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The 12 Main Meridians

Liver Meridian of Foot-Jueyin originates from the dorsal hairy region of the big toe (Dadun (LR1) Jing-Well Point (Dadun (LR1) Jing-Well Point)). Ascending along the dorsum of the foot, it flows further upward to the anterior aspect of the medial malleolus where it crosses behind the Spleen Meridian of  Foot Taiyin to the area 8 cun above the medial malleolus. Then it runs upward to the medial side of the knee and along the medial aspect of the thigh into the public hair region. From there it curves around the external genitalia and travels up to the lower abdomen. Alongside the stomach, it enters the liver, forming part of its meridian system, and connects with the gallbladder. Then it proceeds upward to pass through the diaphragm and disperses in the costal and hypochondriac region. Ascending along the posterior aspect of the throat, it emerges in the nasopharynx region to connect with the eye system. Extending further upward, it exits from the forehead and meets the DU Meridian at the vertex.

A branch arising from the eye system descends to the cheek and curves around the internal surface of the lips. Another branch separating from the liver, passes through the diaphragm and enters the lung to link with the Lung Meridian of Hand Taiyin.
Pathological changes of LR

Pain and distention of the hypochondrium, stuffiness of the chest, vomiting, Diarrhea, vertex headache, hernia, dysuria, enuresis, pain and distention of the lateral lower abdomen, lumbago, irregular menstruation, mental disorder, etc.


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