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Gynecology and Obstetrics
All the patients in this group are married women who suffer from premature senility of ovarian function. Treatment method: self built Bu Shen Tang with ingredient of Xian Mao, Yin Yang Huo, Tu Si Zi, Zi He Che, Shu Di Huang, Gou Qi Zi, He Shou Wu, Shan Yao, Fu Ling, Xiang Fu, Dan Shen, Zhi Gan Cao. One decoction every day, 30 days are one course. If patient has symptoms such as tidal fever, night sweating, feverish sensation on five centers, poor sleeping, we should take out the Xian Mao and Yin Yang Huo from the prescription and add Bai Wei, Zhu Ru, fry Suan Zao Ren; if patient has symptoms including weakness and soreness in the lumbar region and knees, facial and limb edema, aversion to cold, cold limbs, Diarrhea, pale tongue with white coating, thread deep and weak pulse, please take out Shu Di huang, add Cang Zhu in the prescription; if there is distention and pain on breasts and lower abdomen, adding Wu Yao, Hong Hua, Tao Ren in the prescription. Ear point pressing with pellets is applied on the following points: kidney, endocrine, brain point, subcortex, ovary, uterus, liver, spleen etc.

Treatment result: total effective rate is 80.64%.

Key words: premature senility of ovarian function, Bu Shen Tang, ear pressing

Writer: Weidong Yang, Shuwen Zhao

Gynaecology department, women and children’s health care hospital, Zunhua city, Hebei province (064200)
Clinic of TCM-west medicine, commissary of Zunhua city, Hebei province


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