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Gynecology and Obstetrics
There are 50 patients who are primiparous women. They all have the symptoms of qi-blood deficiency including shortness breath, fatigue, dizziness, large amount of sweating, sallow complexion etc. 45 Patients with qi-blood deficiency have the symptoms of soft breasts, small amount of milk; 5 patients with deficiency complicated with excess have the symptoms of fullness sensation on breasts, dysfunction of excreting of milk. There are 48 cases have one course of herbal meals, 2 cases have two courses of herbal meals. All the patients stopped to take other galactopoietic. No.2 herbal meals ingredients: one black-bone chicken, Dang Gui 10g, baking Chuan Shan Jia 25g, Tong Cao 6g, Chen Pi 5g, Hu Jiao 6g, Cao Guo 4 pieces. It is recommended to take one herbal meal in warm temperature separately within one day.

Treatment result: after taking one course of herbal meals, there were 96% patients who have been healed, 4% patients showed effect, no patient without effect.

Key words: herbal meals, Milk Lacking in Post Partum

Writer: Chaoying Meng

Xuzhou city women and children healthcare hospital, Jiangsu province (221009)


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