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Acupuncture Ear Points

Auricular inspection consists of carefully checking for discoloration, deformities, desquamation, or pimples on the auricle in order to diagnose diseases. It can be used to diagnose both acute and chronic diseases, as well as acute onset of chronic diseases.

1. In adequate light, carefully examine the auricle from top to bottom and inside to outside.

2. When a positive sign is found, use the fingers to first stretch and then slowly loosen the dorsal surface of the auricle. Repeat the manipulation several times in order to distinguish the size, shape, and color of the positive sign.

3. When an eminence is found, determine its size, shape, hardness, mobility, and whether there is tenderness when it is palpated with the fingers or a probe.

4. Compare the positive signs on the bilateral auricular in order to determine the exact position of the diseases, and to confirm whether the signs are genuine or not.

5. When examination the triangular fossa and the superior and inferior concha, a detection probe should be used to open and completely expose these areas.

Positive signs have discoloration including red, white, dark brown and deformities including eminence, pitting or depression, pimples and desquamation.


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