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Acupuncture Ear Points

Auricular massage uses massage of the auricle with the hands to achieve therapeutic effects. Long-term massage of the auricula can activate the meridians and collaterals, regulate the qi and blood, restore the functions of the zang and fu organs, nourish the brain, brighten eyes and benefit ears. It can be used for the treatment of headache, dizziness, blurred vision or tinnitus.

Rub the palms together until they are warm, then massage both the frontal and dorsal auricular surfaces between them.
With a loose fist, massge both the frontal and dorsal auricular surfaces from top to bottom, with the thumb on the dorsal surface and the index finger on the frontal surface. The index finger should massage the auricular areas in the following order: helix, scapha, triangular fossa, antihelix, superior concha, inferior concha, peripheral crus of the helix, medial side of the antitragus, medial side of the tragus, lobe. The index finger should remain longer on points and areas specific to the patient’s condition.
The procedure should be repeated several times until the auricula are hot. The results will be greatly improved if the patient’s mind is focused and attention concentrated during the massage.


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