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Acupuncture Ear Points

Auricular tapping consists of tapping small, round, hard, smooth objects such as mustard seeds or small beans, pills, or ballbearings to particular auricular points. The tapped objects are then pressed in order to stimulate the points and attain therapeutic results. This method has been widely used in recent years because of its safety, effectiveness, wide range of applications, and lack of contraindications.

Choose small, round, hard, smooth objects of the appropriate size for stimulating the auricular points.
Prepare sufficient adhesive tape, cut into 0.5cm square.
Sterilize the auricle with tincture of iodine or alcohol.
Hold the auricle with one hand, with the other hand use a detection probe to press the auricular points hard enough to leave depressions. Tape the seeds to the positive points and press for several minutes until a needling sensation of heat, pain or radiating distension is achieved.
Tape the points in order of upper to lower and frontal to dorsal; mainly tape the affected side, bilateral auricula may be taped simultaneously or during alternate treatment sessions.
The distribution of points on the frontal and dorsal surfaces of the auricle is identical. Therefore, the main auricular points may be taped on both sides simultaneously in order to increase stimulation and effectiveness. This method is especially suitable for pain such as headache, backache and sore joints.
Leave the tape and seeds on the auricle for three to seven days. Each point should be pressed for three to give minutes, two to three times each day, until a needling sensation of heat, pain, or radiating distention is achieved.
Remove the tape and seeds.

Indications: it is widely used in clinical practice for the treatment of pain, inflammation, endocrine disturbance, functional disorders, motion sickness, and allergic reactions. It is especially suitable for children, the elderly, the people with weak body constitution.


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