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Acupuncture Ear Points

Auricular pressure uses pressure on selected auricular points with a detection probe to achieve therapeutic results. It has been found in clinical practice that there is immediate improvement in symptoms in some cases when tender points on the auricle are located and pressed with the detection probe during the diagnostic process. For instance, pain, nausea and vomitting may be relieved or stopped as soon as the associated points are pressed. This method can activate meridians and collaterals, regulate the qi and blood, and calm the mind, so it is suitable for treating pain, chronic illness, injury of the soft tissues and neurosis.

1. Press each point for two to three minutes until a needling sensation of heat, pain or radiating distension is achieved. The pressure may vary from light to heavy. Patients can practice this method themselves at home, pressing the indicated points two to three times each day.

2. Pressing with sharply pointed instruments should be avoided in order to prevent injury to the auricle.


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