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Acupuncture Ear Points

Auricular blood-letting puncturing consists of use of three-edged needle, plum blossom needle, or ensiform needle to draw blood from specific auricular points, areas, or collaterals for therapeutic effect.

1. Massage the auricle to cause congestion of blood.

2. Strictly sterilize the needles and the area to be punctured.

3. Holding the auricle with one hand, use the other hand to either puncture the chosen points 2mm deep with a three-edged needle, heavily tap the chosen areas with a plum blossom needle, or incise the chosen collaterals on the dorsal surface with an ensiform needle.

4. Pinch the auricle to express five to eight drops of blood; absorb the blood with sterilized dry cotton.

5. Puncture bilateral sides alternatively for general cases, or simultaneously for acute cases.

6. Treat twice a week for general cases, or once every other day for acute cases.


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