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Nei Jing

Only sages respond to the heaven to nurture their heads, respond to the earth to nurture their legs, and respond to human matters to nurture the five zang-organs. The heavenly qi flows to the lungs. The earthly qi runs to the throat. The wind qi goes to the liver. The thunder qi gets to the heart. The grain qi flows to the spleen. The rain qi rushes to the kidneys.

The six channels are the rivers of the body. The intestines and stomach are the sea of body, the nine orifices are where spring rush out body. Using nature yin and yang analogizes human body yin and yang: human sweating looks like nature rain; human body’s qi look like as nature wind, and human’s anger looks like nature thunder. The reverse qi of human is similar to the heavenly yang qi predominate, not descending and the earthly qi not ascending. So, if health care does not follow the rules of the heaven and earth, mishaps will certainly occur.

Key words: topic on correspondences and manifestations, Yin and Yang, the plain questions


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