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Shang Han Lun

1. Protecting Yang Qi.
2. Six meridians, prescription and syndrome (Zheng) are the key in syndrome differentiation. Dr. Zhongjing Zhang established the prescription according to the syndrome, he described Zheng Hou without pathogenesis, established prescription without mentioning the herbs’ nature, using certain prescription when there is the relevant syndrome, the prescription and method are instituted and changed based on the syndrome, hence, there is main prescription when there exists the related syndrome; when the syndrome changes, the prescription will change accordingly; there is prescription modification when associated syndrome exists, therefore, the method is changeable. But, the significance of syndrome differentiation is six meridians, prescription and syndrome (Zheng).
3. Adjusting Vital Qi in the chest. The chest is the place where the Vital Qi locates, it is called Energy Sea or pectoral Qi. If there is Qi deficiency or Qi stasis, knotted chest occurs, syndrome of feeling fullness and distension in the upper abdomen, water-retention and blood-retention, the diseases in six meridians come out accordingly.
4. Focusing on treatment of spleen-kidney. The kidney being the origin of congenital constitution, it is the source of life, the spleen being the foundation of acquired constitution, it is the source of transformation and produce of Qi and blood, kidney and spleen nourishing and support each other, which maintain the physiological functions of human body.

Key words: Shang Han Lun, Comprehension

Writer: Huaizhen Li, Zhiguo Li
Jing Tai county people’s hospital, Gansu province (730400)


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