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Extra Points

Regional Anatomy:
Skin-subcutaneous tissue-orbiculat muscle of eye-adipose body of orbit-between inferior oblique muscle and inferior wall of orbit.
In the superficial layer, there are the branches of the infraorbital and facial nerves and the branches or tributaries of the infraorbital artery and vein. In the deep layer, there are the inferior branches of the oculomotor nerve, the branches or tributaries of the ophthalmic artery and vein, and the infraorbital artery and vein.

Upright sitting with one's eyes looking forward horizontally; draw two vertical lines from inner canthus and paropia respectively, the distance between two vertical lines divides four parts, the point is 1/4 apart from paropia, or 3/4 apart from inner canthus, on the lower border of orbit.
Improving eyesight.

Eye diseases.

Combined use with TaiyangEXHN5 (EX-HN5) for treatment of strabismus; with FengchiGB20(Fengchi (GB20)), QuchiLI11 (Quchi (LI11) He-Sea Point), HeguLI4 (Hegu (LI4) Yuan-Source Point), TaichongLR3 (Taichong (LR3) Shu-Stream, Yuan-Source Point) for treatment of glaucoma; with JingmingBL1 (Jingming (BL1)), FengchiGB20 (GB20), YanglaoSI6 (Yanglao (SI6) Xi-Cleft Point), GuangmingGB37 (Guangming (GB37) Luo-Connecting Point) for treatment of optic neuritis; and with YimingEXHN14 (EX-HN14), JingmingBL1 (BL1) for treatment of optic atrophy.

Push the eyeball upward gently, then insert the needle perpendicularly to 1-1.5 cun deep at the orbital margin.
QiuhouInsert slowly and vertical the needle closely by the side of the infraorbital ridge to avoid injuring the eyeball. Deep penetration and lifting and thrusting manipulations should be avoided, lest the needle injure the branches of artery and vein as well as the infraorbital artery and infraobital vein accompanying with the infraorbital nerve, resuting in hematoma. Don't puncture deeply and obliquely, or else the needle would injure the optic nerve. Puncturing 2 cun deeply, it could injure the brain tissue through the optic canal.


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