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Hyperhidrosis Case
published on 05.08.2014, 05:14:14. Category: no category
Male patient, 29-year-old with spinal cord lesions (anaplastic astrocytoma), 13 days after surgery, profuse sweating, day and night constantly sweating, low energy, lower limb movement dysfunction (from original spinal cord lesions, it has been improved some after the spinal cord surgery), stomach bloating, constipation, dependent on western medicine to help defecation, urine cannot be eliminated by himself, red tongue with map coating, weak pulse.
TCM diagnosis: Qi and yin deficiency.
Treatment: Acupuncture + Chinese herbal medicine.
Points: K7, Zusanli (ST36) He-Sea Point (Zusanli (ST36) He-Sea Point) He-Sea Point, Shangjuxu (ST37) The Lower He-Sea Point of the Large Intestine (Shangjuxu (ST37) The Lower He-Sea Point of the Large Intestine) The Lower He-Sea Point of the Large Intestine, K3, K6, Tianshu (ST25) Front-Mu Point of the Large Intestine (Tianshu (ST25) Front-Mu Point of the Large Intestine) Front-Mu Point of the Large Intestine, Zhongwan (CV12) Front-Mu Point of the Stomach (Zhongwan (CV12) Front-Mu Point of the Stomach) Front-Mu Point of the Stomach, Qihai (CV6) (Qihai (CV6)), Guanyuan (CV4) Front-Mu Point of the SmallIntestine (Guanyuan (CV4) Front-Mu Point of the SmallIntestine) Front-Mu Point of the SmallIntestine, H6, LV3, Xuanzhong (GB39) Influential Point of the Marrow (Xuanzhong (GB39) Influential Point of the Marrow) Influential Point of the Marrow, once daily.
Prescription: Fu Xiao Mai 30g, Xi Yang Shen 6g, Zhi Huang Qi 30g, Dang Gui 6g, Mai Men Dong 15g, Xuan Shen 15g, Shu Di Huang 15g, Sheng Mu Li 30g, Yu Jin 15g, Zhi Ke 15g, Hou Po 15g, Bai Zi Ren 15g, Tao Ren 6g, Bai Zhu 15g, 5 packs, one pack per day, making as a decoction, drink.
View the patient five days after: the abnormal sweating is gone.
View the patient 10 days after: the indwelling catheter has been pulled out, urine controls, lower extremity motor and sensory function is having slow and stable improving.

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