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Case Study In Digestion Disease


Even the modern life is enough to live comfortably, the  chronic gastrointestinal diseases still often affect people.  Acupuncture plus Chinese herbs in the treatment of chronic  gastrointestinal diseases has a unique effect. Today we want  to bring this topic to you since it is very common in TCM  clinics. If you can easily cure chronic gastrointestinal  diseases in your practice, we believe you will be very busy  and have prosperity clinic.
The expert introduces 3 cases of chronic gastrointestinal  diseases in this lecture: a chronic gastritis, chronic  colitis, and indigestion. Acupuncture combining with Chinese  medicine work significantly in those cases. This lecture  applies to both TCM students and clinical practitioners. The  listeners will be inspired to improve the treatment of these  chronic gastrointestinal diseases through the helpful and  useful information.


Language: English
Instructor: Xuemei Liu
Runtime: 50 minutes
Type: Video + Slides + Content


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